Consulate of Dominican Republic in Baie-Mahault

Information about the Dominican Republic Consulate located in Baie-Mahault, opening hours, contact information, location and frequently asked questions about this Consulate in Baie-Mahault

Office Consulate of Dominican Republic in Baie-Mahault
Location 12 rue Henri Becquerel Z.I. Jarry, Baie-Mahault 97122, Guadeloupe
Phone +590590605210


The hours of the Dominican Republic Consulate in the Baie-Mahault are as follows:

Monday 9 AM–3 PM
Tuesday 9 AM–3 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–1 PM
Thursday 9 AM–3 PM
Friday 9 AM–1 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


The address of the Dominican Republic Consulate in Baie-Mahault is located on 12 rue Henri Becquerel Z.I. Jarry, Baie-Mahault 97122, Guadeloupe.

Do you need GPS coordinates to go to the Consulate of Dominican Republic in Baie-Mahault?
Latitude: 162,427,842 | Longitude: -615,631,751

Frequent questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about requesting an appointment at the Dominican Republic in Baie-Mahault.

What is the phone number?

To contact, request an appointment or request information you must call the phone number +590590605210.

How to make an appointment online?

From the official website of the Dominican Republic Consulate in Baie-Mahault, or by clicking here.

Consular formalities

  • Renew or apply for passports: You can renew your passport of Dominican Republic or apply for a new one if you’ve lost it while abroad.
  • Obtain visas and residency permits: Consulates can assist you in obtaining visas and residency permits for Dominican Republic to Baie-Mahault.
  • Register births and marriages: If you have a child abroad or get married in a foreign country, the consulate of Dominican Republic in Baie-Mahault can help you register these events.
  • Emergency assistance: This consulate of Dominican Republic provide assistance in emergencies such as detention, hospitalization, or loss of belongings in Baie-Mahault.
  • Legalize documents: Consulate can authenticate documents like notarized powers of attorney or academic degrees for recognition in Dominican Republic.
  • Vote in elections of Dominican Republic: Some consulates allow citizens to vote in national elections while abroad.
  • Guidance and counseling: Consulates offer information on local laws, customs, medical services, and other aspects of life in Baie-Mahault.
  • Certificates and document notarization: Consulate can issue certificates, authenticate documents, and perform notarial functions.
  • Repatriation in emergencies: In situations like natural disasters or conflicts, consulate can help citizens return to Dominican Republic.
  • Assistance in case of lost or stolen documents: If you lose your Dominican Republic passport or other vital documents, the consulate can assist in obtaining replacements and offer guidance.

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